September 30, 2021

Dear Members and Friends of Meadowbrook Congregational Church,

We have had much to celebrate, to grieve, and to draw us closer together this year. There have been celebrations of holidays and long-delayed weddings as well as funerals in our families. God has blessed us with technology which has enabled us to reach so many throughout this time of isolation, connecting us through Worship, meetings, and all kinds of activities in the life of the church. We have also witnessed the ripple effects brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, including hospitals too full to take in new patients, a polarizing political climate, worry over the safety and education of our children, as well as problems with supply chains, rising unemployment, and the present labor shortage. We have had a lot to pray about and to work towards. As we continue to live into new normals, we look over where we’ve been this year, and where we see God at work in our lives at church:

This past year we have:
* Stayed connected through the blessings of digital technology.
* Served in our local community and the Detroit area.
* Kicked off in-person Sunday School.
* Celebrated with Rev. Art Ritter on his retirement.
* Welcomed new staff to the church: Michele Fecht (Office Manager).
* Celebrated the in-person return of our Choir and Chimes.
* Witnessed the engagement of our B3 young adults as they discuss faith and contemporary culture. * Called our new pastor Rev. Joel Boyd and welcomed his family Heidi, Clara, August, and Benjamin. * Enjoyed the blessings of all the wonderful people who have stepped up to volunteer at church!

Friends, we now kick-off our annual Stewardship Campaign at church. This year’s theme is Together in Jesus. As we explore the depth of the Scriptural witness on living out our lives as followers of Jesus, we will focus on how being stewards of our God-given time, treasure, and talent all provide opportunities for us to express our faith. Our Together in Jesus Campaign directly supports the operating budget of our church, blessing the many ministries of our congregation as we grow together in the love of God and neighbor.

Together in Jesus (2022 MBCCC Stewardship Campaign)
Features a Sermon series, Together in Jesus, about how we are united and work together through our faith in Jesus; weekly Stewardship Moments about what our church means to members and friends.

October 3 – Worldwide Communion and All-Family Sunday (an intergenerational and interactive service

October 31 – Reformation Sunday and Ceremony of Remembrance (reading of the necrology)

November 7 – Consecration and All-Family Communion Sunday (dedication of pledges)

Our hope is that it will help you in determining our vision as we grow in mission in 2022. A letter and Estimate of Giving card will follow in this week’s mail. There also will be a link for making your Estimate of Giving online. We are asking that you return your cards to the church by November 7, Consecration Sunday. We hope you join us as we serve as God’s people, Together in Jesus, into this year, that we may continue to grow in being a blessing to our community for many years to come.

Yours in Christ,
Your Stewardship Committee and Board of Trustees

Click here for an electronic Estimate of Giving card.