To say that this past year has been a unique one is clearly an understatement.  Yet even during a Covid lockdown, the Meadowbrook Congregational Church has been busy. In these difficult times, we have reached out in new ways.

As we head into the traditional stewardship season, we realize this upcoming year presents many unknowns for Meadowbrook and our larger community.  We sincerely request that if you can, you would at least maintain your 2020 Estimate of Giving for our church as we try to navigate this uncertain time.   An increase in your giving would be most appreciated.  While the stewardship campaign may be quieter than usual, the results are just as important.  Each of us must come together to support our faith community as we embark upon the uncertain journey ahead.

We are hoping that you will be able to continue your financial support of Meadowbrook Congregational Church.  Please find here a link to the online Estimate of Giving card.  We ask that you fill out your card by Tuesday, November 10.

Thank you for your support in so many ways.

Karren Yurgalite, Paul Brown and Art Ritter