September 28, 2022

Dear Members and Friends of Meadowbrook Congregational Church,

We are entering a season of stewardship at Meadowbrook Congregational Church, and we have so
much to be thankful for. After a prolonged period of isolation and separation through the pandemic,
2022 has been the first full year of returning to in-person weekly Worship and mutual ministries
together since 2019. In addition to the return of many in-person ministries, God has blessed us with our
new Long-range Planning Ministry Team that has been meeting and doing great work. As we celebrate
40 years of ministry this year at Meadowbrook, we also look to the future, prayerfully discerning where
God calls us to be in our next chapter as a church gathered in Jesus’ name.
Each year, we consider our many blessings, and pledge to continue the church’s work together. It’s time
to do that through our annual pledge drive. Your Stewardship Team has several engaging and energizing
events planned throughout the year ahead that we pray will inspire us all to be good stewards and
caretakers of the many blessings God has given. It begins with us coming together to share our love for
the work of the church, renewed.

From furthering and deepening our understanding and exploration of faith through Christian Education
to helping our Outreach Team support people and organizations across our community; and from the
Deacons’ ministry for Worship to the maintenance of our wonderful home—now mortgage-free, thanks
to our mutual care and stewardship over the years—your annual commitment to supporting
Meadowbrook is a demonstration of love, renewed.

If you have pledged in the past, please consider increasing your pledge this year. If you have not
pledged before, please consider doing so. Your financial commitment enables our Trustees to plan to be
good stewards of our resources throughout 2023.
Please take the time to fill out your pledge card and return it to the church throughout the month of
October. Or you may bring it to Worship with you on Consecration Sunday, November 6th when we
present our gifts for God’s blessing into the year ahead. You may also submit your pledge card
electronically via email to (see The Messenger weekly email for details).
Meadowbrook Congregational Church is an amazing congregation with an abundance of gifts and
talents. We are blessed, and it is time to demonstrate our love renewed by pledging for the future.

Thank you for your support.

Your Stewardship Ministry Team,
Heidi Boyd, Pastor Joel Boyd, Kelly Brown, Colleen Foster, Cindy Lyon, Denise Parr, and Barry Webster

Click here for an electronic Estimate of Giving card.