At this time, Meadowbrook Congregational Church is accepting wedding arrangements for church members and friends only.

One of the most important events in a person’s life is the time when two individuals make a commitment to each other out of their love through the covenant of marriage. A wedding can and should be a time of joyous significance in your life with as little frustration attached to the ceremony itself and to the time of its preparation. With careful planning and scheduling, the celebration of your wedding can be enhanced in all good attributes.

The information here is intended to help you adequately plan and prepare for your wedding at Meadowbrook Congregational Church. It has been established from many years of experience with weddings, and is intended to inform you of the church’s policies and help you prepare for a carefree wedding ceremony.


Please contact the Church Office (248-348-7757) as far in advance as possible to secure a date and time for your wedding. Once the date you have chosen is approved, it will be placed on the church calendar only after the Wedding Information Sheet is completed and returned to the church office. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is also needed to secure a date for the wedding on the church calendar.

No wedding can be scheduled on a Sunday, church holiday or church holiday weekend.


The fees for a wedding at Meadowbrook Congregational Church are:

  • Church use fee, $300 for members (At this time, Meadowbrook Church is accepting weddings for Meadowbrook members and friends only). This fee includes the use of the Meeting House and bride and groomsmen preparation rooms for a 3½ hour period on the wedding date and the Meeting House (which holds 325 people) only on a rehearsal date. The fee also includes the Custodian costs and the assistance of the Church Wedding Coordinator. The fee (total minus deposit) is due one week prior to the wedding rehearsal. If more time is needed on the date of the wedding, there will be an additional charge of $100 per hour paid in advance or billed to the bride and groom.
  • Organist Fee (only church organist can be used): $250
  • Vocal Soloist (can be arranged by the church): $100
  • Minister’s Fee for Members: $225


The Wedding Information Sheet must be filled out by the bride and groom. The sheet includes information about the participants in the wedding ceremony and the details of the ceremony itself.


Meadowbrook Congregational Church is the worshiping community of over 300 members and friends. Our building is our spiritual home, the place where we come to find and celebrate the presence of God. We expect everyone who enters the building to treat it with proper dignity and respect.

  • No rice or birdseed is allowed.
  • A Unity Candle may be used during the ceremony and the chancel candles will be lit. No other candles can be used.
  • Ribbons or flowers may not be attached to pews or walls.
  • All floral arrangements or plants are the responsibility of the wedding party. Flowers may be placed in two brass vases provided by the church and/or in other locations, but not on the center Communion table in the Meeting House.
  • There is to be no smoking or the use of alcohol allowed anywhere in the church building or on the grounds.
  • Participants in the wedding and guests are not to be drinking or intoxicated during the wedding rehearsal or wedding ceremony.
  • Small children are to be supervised by their parent and/or guardian at all times.
  • The church building can be opened no earlier than two hours before the scheduled wedding time. Please note that this time is part of the 3½ hour time frame for building usage.
  • Limos are not allowed in the circle by the Meeting House doors.
  • No other rooms in the church shall be used unless officially designated by the Wedding Coordinator and/or Minister.

These policies shall be explained to the bride and groom during their initial meeting with the minister and the Church Wedding Coordinator. They will also be reviewed at the rehearsal. The bride and groom are responsible for communicating these building rules to the entire wedding party and their guests. Failure to abide by these policies will mean immediate cancellation of the wedding without return of fees.


In order that the dignity and solemnity of the service of worship prevails, it is important for the bride and groom to communicate several important things to their photographer.

  • Flash pictures may be taken by photographer only as the party enters and/or leave the Meeting House.
  • Video cameras, using only available light, are permitted from balcony only. The photographer may also take non-flash pictures from the balcony during the ceremony.
  • No flash or flood lights are permitted during the service.
  • Ushers are to communicate flash policy to all guests.
  • Appropriate pictures may be taken after the wedding service; however, they must be taken within the time period allowed for building usage.

An agreement to such policy, signed by your photographer, must be submitted with the final payment one week prior to wedding rehearsal.


Meadowbrook Congregational Church will provide a Church Wedding Coordinator as your contact person for your wedding ceremony. This person will receive a copy of your Wedding Information Form and will contact you to set up an initial appointment to review your plans and Meadowbrook’s policies. You will find the Church Wedding Coordinator helpful as you discuss protocol, seating of guests, as well as other question which may arise. The Church Wedding Coordinator is the official representative of Meadowbrook during the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony and will speak with the authority of the church regarding policy questions.


The Minister of Meadowbrook Congregational Church serves as the officiating clergy for all weddings. Following the completion of the Wedding Information Form, the Bride or Groom must call to arrange an appointment with the Minister to discuss the ceremony. Couples married at Meadowbrook Congregational Church are required to participate in premarital counseling with the Minister or show written evidence of such counseling from another member of the clergy. There is a nominal fee for the pre-marital inventory.


Meadowbrook Congregational Church will provide the organist for your wedding. All other musicians and singers must be approved by the Minister of Music or Director of Music at Meadowbrook Congregational Church. No taped or recorded music or accompaniment will be allowed.

Your service will be a religious ceremony and a rite of the church. Therefore the music chosen should be chosen with the same care and the same standards as the music used in other services at Meadowbrook. Your choice of music must also be approved by the Minister of Music or Director of Music at Meadowbrook Congregational Church. If requested, the Minister of Music or Director of Music can help provide a soloist or special music for your wedding.

You should plan to call the Minister of Music or Director of Music around four months before you make any plans in regard to the music for your wedding.


Rehearsals are generally scheduled the day before the wedding and last about one hour. The rehearsal shall be canceled if all fees have not been paid. The Minister and the Organist should be paid at rehearsal. Please bring your Marriage License with you to your rehearsal.

The rehearsal will start at the scheduled time and it is the responsibility of the bride and groom to ensure that all participants are at the church for rehearsal on time.