Our hearts and prayers are with you as we experience this serious health crisis in our community and nation.  Please keep yourselves safe. God is with us in this extraordinary time.  God will remain a faithful presence.

Worship services at Meadowbrook Congregational Church are canceled until the restrictions given by the CDC and the Governor of Michigan are lifted. We do this with a heavy heart but with the understanding that we must do our part in protecting the health of our members and friends. There will be no group activities at the church during this time. We must do what we can to find God’s presence in our prayers for one another and in our reaching out in God’s love to maintain contact with one another.

We will continue to hold a short, informal service on Facebook Live each Sunday at 10am.  The service will then be posted on YouTube.  You may also click here for a direct link to the services.


What Can I Do While I Stay At Home?

  • Call others who may be alone.
  • Put a card of appreciation in the mail.
  • Remember others in prayer.


A number of members and friends have indicated that they can run store errands and deliver to those who cannot or should not go out.  If you need help, please fill out the contact form below.